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Polishing Machine for sample of casting

Compact design

Smart design, it suits in the laboratory or office.

  • ・Low power consumption design
  • ・Only 5 min. to exchange grindstone.
  • ・Even if grindstone is wear, it is able to polish with constant pressure.
  • ・Completely sealed design and helps to keep work environment clean.
  • ・Dust collector is build in design
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Touch panel for operation

Dust collector is inside.
  • ・All you need is to put the sample on the grind table.
  • ・It is able to polish in any shapes.
  • ・Choose grindstone depends on the materials.
  • ・Worn Grindstone can be recovered and regenerated.

Outline of specifications

grinding wheel size Ø150 × 32 × 50
motor spec 0.75kW 2P
traveling device of grinder 40w
method of polishing grind low pressure
Clamp holder air cylinder
Grinder head of movement air cylinder No.1 45ST No.2 15ST
Height of polishing table 1170H
Power supply / air cylinder 200/220v 50/60Hz
Dimensions 855w × 672L × 1313H
weight 350kg
Dust collector Max. air flow 6m/min.