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Automatic grinding machine in particular manhole frame, cover etc.

  • ・Best deburring machine for medium sized castings. ie, manhole frame and cover etc.
  • ・Main spindle tool & two auxiliary tools moves vertically.
  • ・Main tool-head now powered by servomotor for improved efficiency.
  • ・Grinding range has been greatly improved by the two small tools and can be the top surface grinding.
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Grinding by main tool to the inner peripheral part
  • 1. An Ideal machine for deburring casting of manhole frame and cover.
  • 2. The grinding performance greatly improved by loading small tool two mounting.
  • 3. Installation area is smaller than the conventional machine.
  • 4. Program creation is simple and easy.
  • 5. Simple operation with high function.
  • 6. Quick change- less than 5 min. to change fixtures, programs and tools.
  • 7. Diamond tool saves operation cost and dust generation.
  • 8. High-speed and efficient processing enables productivity and a higher finishing quality of product.
  • Outer periphery grinding

  • Due to a small tool NO.1,
    core print burr grinding

  • Bolt hole burr grinding

  • core print burr grinding

Outline of specifications

Max. machinable size φ900 × H150 (H400 ... the top surface without grinding) 100kg(*Load capacity is within 150kg or less)
Main tool-head Diamond wheelφ380 × T12 ×φ80
Tool Main spindle motor 4.5 kW (AC servo motor drive)
Main tool head motor 2.2 kW ×2sets (High speed type, inverter drive)
Tool up and down movement device 500ST (NC control drive)
Small tool up and down movement device 350ST (air drive)
Number of NC axis 6 axes AC servo controlled by NACR
Overall dimensions W3084 × D3015 × H2950
Weight 4,500kg
*Load capacity includes casting, fixture, and fixture palette.

Work Reference Example

  • 320 sec / Piece

  • 420 sec / Piece

  • 410 sec / Piece

  • 160 sec / Piece

※ The grinding tact times are reference only, not guaranteed values.