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Automatic deburring machine for large sized aluminum castings.

  • ・Best deburring machine for medium & large sized aluminum castings.
  • ・Rotating main & auxiliary tool-heads.
  • ・Fettles even big and small burrs by switching 2 kinds of auxiliary tools in shorter time.
  • ・Main tool-head now powered by servo-motor for improved efficiency.
  • ・Conveyor is optional specification.
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Cutting by tilting main shaft tool
  • 1. Small footprint.
  • 2. One operator can perform multiple machine operations.
  • 3. Program creation is simple and easy.
  • 4. Simple operation with high function.
  • 5. Quick change- less than 5 min. to change fixtures, programs and tools.
  • 6. Dry cutting with diamond tool.
  • 7. High speed processing enables productivity and higher finishing quality of product.
  • Vertical cutting
  • Horizontal cutting
  • Interstice part cutting
  • Tool example

Outline of specifications

Max. machinable size φ700×H550 100Kg (*Load capacity is within 150Kg)
Main tool-head Diamond chip saw φ405 × T4 × φ80
Main tool-head driving motor 4.5Kw(AC servomotor drive)
Auxiliary tool-head driving motor 2.2Kw (High speed type, Inverter drive)
Wheel tilt for max. 130°(NC control drive)
Method of load/unload 2 work pallets changer type. (NC control)
Control driving motor,
Number of NC axis
7 axes AC servo controlled by NACR
Overall dimensions W2453 × D3746 × H3492
Weight 3,600Kg
*Load capacity includes casting, fixture, and fixture palette.